Etude House re-opens international shipping on gmarket!


Good News !! Etude House has re-open international shipping.



Don’t know if they will close it once more, so if you have anything you want, purchase it ASAP!


Head over now by clicking the photo below! 


0 thoughts on “Etude House re-opens international shipping on gmarket!”

  1. I am just wondering, cuz i’ve never ordered anything from Gmarket. One of the payment methods is PayPal Express Checkout. What’s the difference between normal paypal account and Express Checkout. If i have the first one, i cannot order anything because i need this special express checkout? I am so confused. Probably i am stupid haha.

  2. no no, it’s the same thing! all you need is a paypal account, ENABLE pop-ups on your browser and all is good!

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