Etude House new summer 2011 makeup collection–ALOHA!

Etude House will be releasing their 2011 Summer Makeup Collection called ALOHA.

This new collection is special in that it features a variety of refreshing colors representative of Hawaii and their tropical beaches.

The Aloha collection will focus on ‘bronzing’ makeup this summer which will capture the natural bronzing effect and youthful glow to any skin tones. It will also be a sweat and water resistant so that it doesn’t interfere with your summer activites.

The few items from the ALOHA collection will be :


1) Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara 헤나 픽스 프루프 10 방수 카라: 슈퍼 픽스

Waterproof mascara. Two colors (black and brown) available.


2) Aloha Color Art Pen 알로하 컬러 아트펜

Tint and lip gloss


3) Aloha Tropical Eyes 48 알로하 투투 키스

48 color eye shadow palette


4) Aloha Nail Polish 알로하 칵테일 시럽 네일즈










Take a look at the whole collection :



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