Etude House ice Cream eye cream and other new releases




There’s one part on our face that we don’t apply sun protection on – and that’s the most sensitive area of our face and the area that age the fastest – our eyes!



There are more and more products that now features Sun protection for the eye such as the Sulwhasoo Eye Brightener SPF35 , Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Mate SPF 12… ( all Amore Pacific brands.. tee hee hee )



Another Amore Pacific brand, Etude House, will also be releasing a sun protection eye cream called the Etude House Mint Cooling Eye’s Cream. What’s its association with ice cream? Haha because this eye cream acts like an ice cream to help ‘cool down’ your eyes from the sun heat, de-puff your eyes, reduce eye swelling, help with dark circles, and relief tired eyes !



There is also another product from the Eye’s Cream line called the Etude House Vanilla Moist Eye’s Cream (바닐라 촉촉 아이스크림)






This eye cream doesn’t contain SPF. This eye cream is more for whitening and anti wrinkles. Contains niacinamide , and adenosine for anti-aging and anti-wrinkles.



Also contains micro-particle Hyaluronic Acid which keeps eyes soft and moist all day long!



Also a few new Etude House products :



1) Etude House Be Clear Skin Toner

더 뽀얀 스킨토너





Skin toner enriched with mulberry complex and a skin brightening complex which consists of Arnica, Pineapple, Kiwi, etc. They exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and brighten it up.



They are also liposome-encapsulated (Liposomal Encapsulation employs a phospholipid liposome to construct a defence that repels the negative activities of the digestive juices, alkaline solutions, salts and free radicals of the body. The duration of this protection lasts from the moment the nutrients are on their way towards the gastrointestinal tract until the contents have reached the target tissue and are immediately taken in by the cellular structure and transferred into the intra-cellular space.) which most Korean cosmetics are these days!



The line is paraben free.


Another product from the Be Clear line is



2) Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer SPF30 PA++

더뽀얀 모이스처라이져






Water Based formula and is a whitening and UV protection dual product.




Also from the Be Clear series, the sheet mask 더 뽀얀 시트 마스크 :






3) Etude House Aloha Sunset Soothing Pack

알로하 선셋 수딩팩






Uses deep marine water, cactus extracts, aloe vera etc to help sooth the skin! If you had a long day at the beach, try this!






4) Etude House Sunrise Morning Pack

알로하 선라이즈 모닝팩



Of course when you have a sunset pack, there’s bound to be a sunrise pack!



5) Etude House Darling Sheet Mask

달팽이 힐링 시트마스크





Darling is the snail slime line from Etude House. They just introduced some sheet mask from the line



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