Escada releases Snail + red ginseng cream


A recap for those of you who have forgotten, or for the newcomers : Escada is a brand under Hanbul Cosmetics which also produces the brand It’s Skin. They will be releasing a new snail cream too, but this time, to differentiate themselves from the snail creams in the market, this snail cream is also mixed together with chinese medicine.


Introducing the Escada Perfect Wonder Cream 퍼펙트 원더 크림. It combines the skin regeration and healing properties of snail mucin (33%) , together with the youth rejuvenation properties of red ginseng (1% which is a lot!) and combines it together with anti-wrinkle & firming ingredients such as the Black Renew Complex ( think Chosungah Raw : black beans, black rice, black tea, etc ) & Adenosine and also whitening ingredients such as Niacinamide. Sounds good eh? Hanbul did a good job with It’s Skin Prestige d’Escargot line.. so i’m sure this would be ace too! The all-in-one cream : anti wrinkle, whitening, skin refining, hydration, skin vitality, and it goes on…

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