Foundation Vibrating Machines : What are the choices?




Remember my article on the different ways of applying your BB Creams ( article : here ) ? The last option was a foundation vibrating machine. These machines have been very popular in Korea the past few months, and we’re seeing the release of more foundation vibrating machines. The vibration-generating motor is claimed to enhance the absorption rate of cosmetic products such as the foundation and mascara.



So here are the 4 machines available right now :


1/ The Face Gallery Digital Foundation ( article : here )

The first company that took advantage of this novel technology was Haan Beauty. Since May of 2011, the company has sold, through the GS Home Shopping channel, as many as 2.3 million units that come equipped with the 5,000-“hits”-per-minute powder puff. Haan has earned 20 billion won (approximately US$17.4 million) from this item alone for seven months until the end of the year.


2/ Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat ( article : here )

3 / IPKN Artist Finish Vibration Foundation

Not to be outdone, other cosmetics companies followed suit. Inel Cosmetics’ Ipkn and Enprani Corp. launched their own vibration foundation lines. For example, Ipkn has earned about 14 billion won for five months last year by selling as many as 200,000 units of “Artist Finish Vibration Foundation.” Enprani has also begun selling “Face Designer Autopat” since early December through Hyundai Home Shopping. According to Enprani officials, the company has sold about 20,000 units for one month, with a sales revenue of 1.5 billion won.


4) SMART V Oscillation Puff


Have you tried any of these products? How do they compare to brushes, sponges or hands application?



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0 thoughts on “Foundation Vibrating Machines : What are the choices?”

  1. Hi! I’m a huge fan of your blog!

    In search of a bb cream to replace my current. My skin type is dehydrated, tzone slightly oily. I live in tropical singapore where even my dry skin can oil up abit after 6 hours outside. Looking for something thats semi matte, a little dewy? Pondering over sulwhasoo snowise bb, whoo brightening bb, whoo luxury bb. Any advice?

  2. sulwhasoo BB is very light and sheer. Whoo brightening BB is drying and more for those with oily skin because of its powdery finish! might be too drying for you. The Whoo luxury BB cream has the creamier texture out of the three. i would suggest you treat the problem with a cream rather than a bb cream!

  3. Oh no think I made you misunderstand. I have recently just started using the sulwhasoo hydroaid line which is really quite suitable for my dry on the surface (dehydrated), yet oily within skin. I’m 23 by the way, for reference. Thinking of trying soo yeon line or waterfull line next! So yes, definitely there’s gonna be cream on my face before the sunblock then bb cream.

    I’m just solely asking for your advice on recommendations for bb cream. Something of light to medium coverage, and suitable for the humid weather here! Like I said I still oil up abit even though my skin is dehydrated. Something that isn’t totally matte, probably semi matte, slightly dewy. I’m an NC20.

    On a side note, the hydroaid series doesn’t have an emulsion like most other lines. Should I get an emulsion from another line cos the hydroaid cream is abit too much for morning use. It’s really too humid here….

  4. which products from the hydroaid are you using? If it’s too much, stop at the serum! Probably the sulwhasoo will be more suitable since it’s light in texture and has a medium coverage! It isn’t totally matte too. I’m afraid the luxury BB would be too much for you.

    Or you can try the Hannule BB Cream too! It’s pretty good

  5. I’m using the cleansing foam, first care serum, hydroaid toner, hydroaid serum, hydroaid cream. The cream is fine for night use but not so much for day. But hydroaid range doesn’t have an emulsion, so I wonder what I should use as a day moisturizer.

    I don’t think my skin is dry, more of dehydrated. There’s a difference between the two right? Dry is lack of sebum? Dehydrated is lack of moisture? It’s quite a chore looking for skincare that can hydrate well, yet be not too rich for the tropics all year round.

    Will definitely check out the sulwhasoo snowise bb. How about the whoo brightening bb? It’s your top bb cream along with AHC right?

    Do you use any setting powder after bb cream?

  6. With the Brightening BB, no need to set powder as the finish is powdery. Its among my top BB but with your dehydrated skin .. im afraid it will be too much for you.

    The AHC BB is really good too. they recently released 3 types.. so the moisture version might be good for you.

    Try the Sum37 waterfull or the Belif Water Bomb! I think it will be very good for you. or the sooryehan bicheak soomil, or the hannule aqua cream

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