Enprani releases winter cream


Enprani will be releasing a winter-cream called the Enprani Skin Perfect One Creamy Morning 스킨 퍼펙트 원.


Made for those with dry skin, Enprani Skin Perfect One Creamy Morning  is a night cream which deeply moisturizes your skin at night, then helps you wake up to glowing, hydrated skin. The cream contains Hyaluronic Acid to supply moisture to the skin and form a moisture barrier. In addition, this cream replaces the lotion, essence, and emulsion – making it convenient for the busy morning woman. It also contains anti-wrinkles and whitening ingredients and promises a 24-hour moisturizing effect.

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  1. I find that a lot of these multi-purpose anti-wrinkle and whitening creams are more often than not just a form of heavy-duty moisturizers with antioxidants. Enprani is a rather affordable brand though in Korea, albeit not as popular.

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