Enprani challenges LAVIDA’s Powercell with their Yuuthcell


With Coreana’s LAVIDA hitting a high in Korea at the moment, it’s no surprise that other companies would want a part of the popularity. No, it’s not Missha … or Secret Key. This time it’s Enprani ! Introducing the Enprani Youthcell Activator 유스셀 액티베이터.


Just like how the LAVIDA line contains 90.5% of their patented Powercell, the Enprani Youthcell Activator will contain 90.5% of their patented YouthCell. The Enprani Youthcell contains skin regeneration properties which is extracted from lotus and water lilies. The Youthcell is said to be able to absorb deep into the skin and activate damaged cells to repair themselves improving skin sagging as well as the skin texture.


I had a feeling that in order to be able to compete with LAVIDA, Enprani will be lowering their prices but NO. This essence will cost a whopping 69,000 wons for 80ml. So who’s gonna be trying this next? Smile 




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  1. I don’t technically find that Enprani’s products are as awesome as they package them to be, from a personal viewpoint. 69,000won for 80ml of a serum or essence like the Youthcell Activator however seems rather reasonable. One of my favorite shopping spots for groceries, food and basic daily care(toiletries and skincare) is at E-mart, which actually retails Enprani, other than Lotte Mart, and I expect to see this appearing on the shelves in August when I am back there again.

  2. It’s a sub-division of Samsung Enterprises, and that accounts for the relatively cheaper pricing, since it does not fall into the category of a large mega-corporation, and is pitched as a medium-sized enterprise. It’s somewhat like Charmzone, which is also pitched as a medium-size enterprise. Charmzone is probably as famous as Enprani, and some of its products high-performing too in terms of efficacy.

  3. Do you mean the range of The Skin Town, or the Gold cream? The Gold cream is not that expensive on Korean Air duty-free, around 50USD or so. I was nearly tempted to buy it, but ended up sticking to my tried-and-tested Whoo Qi and Jin cream and Sulwhasoo Firming cream everytime I shop on the flight.

  4. I had samples of the Wrinklear and Pleasium products once for buying a Skin Town sleeping mask years back. Their packaging is also in black. I probably saw their new version of this In Cell product during the spring in MarchApril, but cannot exactly recall. Guess that I will be able to check it out at Lotte Department later on this summer.

  5. Charmzone is normally hard to find in stores, and normally, unless you go to duty-free counters, you can only see them retailing online.

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