UPDATED! French brand Embryolisse releases their BB Cream

UPDATED! French brand Embryolisse releases their BB Cream

French brand, Embryolisse , which is SUPER famous for their Lait-Crème Concentrè  also known as the 24-Hour Miracle Cream will be joining the BB crowd with the release of the Embryolisse BB Cream.


Called the Embryolisse Secret de Maquilleurs BB Cream, the BB Cream will be for all skin types. It will only be available in April for the price of 15.50 euros. On first look, this BB Cream has the typical balmy texture that most western BB creams try to avoid. It has that BRTC, Dr. Schrammek texture which i love!  Smile  Can’t wait to try this and since I’m in Paris – it’d be easier to get ! Can’t wait to compare it to the Asian BB Creams!


Here is the official description :

Embryolisse Complexion Illuminating Veil – BB Cream

Complexion Illuminating Veil – BB Cream

BB Cream a 3 in 1 product acting as a potent moisturiser with anti-aging properties with a natural tint ideal for those preferring a nude makeup finish. With AHA fruit Acids to eliminate dead skin cells, concentrated moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and leave it smooth & silky, anti-aging with vitamin E and protection from free radicals, UVA & UVB rays with mineral sunscreens this is really a multi functional product! A universal shade suitable for all skin tones. 30ml

Have you tried anything from this brand and loved it? Share your opinions below!


To take a look at the BB Cream, head over to her blog below


Credits : Fressine

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  1. I’ve heard raves bout their moisturizers,but since it got shea butter on it, I’m passing it on haha
    will need to see the ingredients list first on this bb cream..western brand tends to use oils like shea butter or peanut oils for moisturizing properties n I’m kinda allergic to it

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