Launch Promotion : Elishacoy snail cream at 50% off!!


This is your best time to try the Elishacoy Snail Cream. For it’s launch – they are selling it at 50% off it’s normal price !!!!

To purchase , click on the photo below :



Launch Promotion : Elishacoy snail cream at 50% off!!

When purchasing, type in the comments section ‘Recommended by’ to receive more goodies along with the Snail Cream.

This promotion will only last for a limited period of time!

Here is the ingredient list, so study it and see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients!



0 thoughts on “Launch Promotion : Elishacoy snail cream at 50% off!!”

  1. Gosh, that’s really cheap. I paid much much more for this cream in hk. Actually, I first said that I didn’t see any results by using it, but it’s not entirely true. Basically, I have given up on it and decided to use it liberally in a big quantity as sort of a overnight treatment. And it does work… I have a mimic line on my forehead and I clearly see that it has evened up a bit. So not so bad considering it’s price.

  2. Yeah, its really cheap! The same thing with the elicina snail cream. Results were more obvious when i used a huge chunk of it. Haha. Maybe snail creams are to be used in huge chunks!! Hehe

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