Gmarket Haul Number 5

Hope In A Blog received their 5th Gmarket Haul and almost everything was from the LG Corporation! (Yes, LG like the handphone manufacturer, i bet most of you don’t know that they do produce very good cosmetics skincare too right?) 

Don’t you love openings lots of boxes at one goal? Hehe..

I was sent the wrong item AGAIN. I don’t understand why sellers can’t check their items before sending it out! And GMartket isn’t useful here too. When there’s a wrong item, we need to send the item back via EMS and pay for it first. EMS will then refund the money via Gbalance. Who the hell wants MORE Gbalance? It’s useless for us international users and makes our shopping at Gmarket such a pain in the ass.

My wrong item sent : It was suppose to be the Anti-Trouble Serum but they sent the Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask (w hich i already have! ).

LG Corporation’s luxury brand called Sum 37. It is said to be the Korean equivalent of SK-II (using fermentation!)

All opened up. Boy, these babies are heavy and love the luxury packaging!

On top of that, we bought lots of samples from another LG Corporation luxury brand called The History Of Whoo ( who is on head on competition with Amore Pacific’s award winning brand Sulwhasoo ) . Even the samples have such luxurious packaging. We bought the full size Whoo Whitening BB Cream though

Sulwhasoo is an amazing brand and we swear that once we finish using these samples, we will be buying the full size products. Support original products please!

On a different note, the GMarket has been really pissing me off (and the customer service too… ). I was not able to leave multiple reviews for all of my shipments on Gmarket ( since the first shipment till the 5th.. ), and have lost about 80+ GStamps and 80,000+ mileage… I really hope GMarket does something about this.. before i launch a worldwide boycott !

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0 thoughts on “Gmarket Haul Number 5”

  1. Oh, do you plan selling that Pore refining mask ? And how about sharing some of those numerous samples, hmm ?

  2. Yes, i will be giving those samples out on Review Giveaways so keep an eye on it

    I am waiting for the response from the seller if he wants the pore refining mask back or not!

  3. Hello! It is my first time on your blog, amazing reviews and hauls!

    I was wondering where I could purchase the samples? I would LOVE to purchase some. Also the su:m37 products? Is it all in GMarket, because I can’t seem to find anything Please help, thank you so much!!!

  4. Hi Rox,

    The samples are original, but the problem is we do not know it’s manufacturing date, but i assume it should be less than a year since koreans are very particular about manufacturing dates, most things that has passed a year from its manufacturing date will be slashed by half price !

    You have to type in Korean for the SUM:37 and Whoo products in Gmarket. Yes, you can pay with paypal on Gmarket. You will pay an estimated shipping, and when the actual weight has been weighed, they will reimbourse you via Gbalance ( and sadly not via paypal! ). For whoo products : 더후 , and for sum37 products : 숨37. I purchased lots of whoo samples from this particular seller :

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