Gmarket Haul #21

Gmarket Haul #21



Just a quick and small Gmarket Haul :

Gmarket Haul #21


1. HERA Aquabolic Line


I’ve heard some good stuff regarding this line, so i bought a mini-kit to test it out.



2. HERA Pore Control Serum


This is a new HERA product to prepare you for the overactive sebaceous glands during summer!



3. The History Of Whoo Whitening Pact


Gmarket Haul #21  Gmarket Haul #21



I bought the full-size version, but realized it was the wrong shade ( Light Beige ) . So i thought i’d test out the shade i wanted earlier on ( Natural Beige ). This is a mini 3g version and it was just SOOOOOO cute. Even cuter than the packaging of the full size and it loooks realllly good! Great to bring around!



Gmarket Haul #21



4. Elisha Coy Snail Cream Set


I posted this promotion earlier on the blog regarding the 50% sale off the ElishaCoy Snail Set. I bought the Elishacoy Snail Cream prior to this and loved it, so since it was on 50%, thought i’d purchase the entire set together with the newly launced Essence and Eye Balm ! They gave free masks and free samples!




5. Elishacoy Vitamin Pore Cleanser


It was on Buy 1 Free 1, so i had to get this! If you like the squeaky clean that the OHUI, History Of Whoo cleansers give you – you’re going to love this ! Plus it’s much much cheaper! Totally recommended! Get it while the Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion is still ongoing !



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  1. Awww, where did you find the Hera kit? I’m dying to try this brand.

    Also, the Elisha Coy snail cream seems to be great. I’m aalready in love with the It’s Skin’s but if this one is awesome too…

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