ElishaCoy releases new BB Cream


With 4 BB Creams under it’s brand and acheiveing huge success in Japan – ElishaCoy will be releasing another new BB Cream to it’s line called the ElishaCoy Always Baby BB 올웨이즈 베이비 비비.


This Whitening BB Cream will have an SPF 35 PA++ to give you baby skin with a soft, silky finish. It uses covering powder which does not clog your pores and is enriched with whitening ingredients such as Pearl Extracts, Arbutin, etc. It also contains Royal Jelly Extract, Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize your skin.


For the complete ingredient list , see below :


0 thoughts on “ElishaCoy releases new BB Cream”

  1. Hi, not advertising here but I’ve seen Elisha Coy being sold by this website that I sometimes patronise for Taiwanese skincare brands.

    Am positive that the range offered on the site is not as complete as Gmarket, but the prices seem attractive (dun know much abt Elisha Coy so I have no idea on their pricing on Gmarket Korea).


    Are the powders selling for 2 pcs for SGD$30 (that’s their recent promo) cheap? That would roughly translate to 2 pcs for USD$22 or 2 pcs for 14 euros, depending on the exchange.

    – am not linkedassociated with this website at all

    Pls feel free to remove this comment if u think it is inappropriate to mention alternate shopping sites…

  2. no problem. like i’ve said this is an asian cosmetic side so readers can share anything like sales, promotions, etc with others !

    Gmarket has some realllllllllly attractive prices, for example their new mineral moist up line which is on 70% at the moment !

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