Ecopure releases argan healing oil for your hair


ECOPURE will be releasing a new product called the Danahan Ecopure Argan Healing Oil 에코퓨어 아르간 힐링 오일 120ml / 25,000 wons


The key ingredient is of course pure moroccan argan oil. Contains 8,400mg of ECOCERT- certified Argan Oil. It is recommended to use this on your hair, but it can also be used on the skin.




Improve Your Hair With Argan Oil


Argan oil is well known for its beautification powers. A naturally derived oil from Morocco, argan oil cosmetic products are popular in helping the body in many ways. Among these ways are evening skin tone, reducing wrinkles, softening cuticles, restoring nail strength, strengthening the hair, and for culinary purposes as well. Due to its natural ingredients that are extremely important for the body, argan oil has become recognized as an important beauty and health product all over the world.




Argan oil works wonders for the hair. It is known as a natural hair conditioner and recognized as a good way to moisturize the hair. It leaves the hair healthy, shiny, and the strands stronger. Let’s look deeper into how argan oil is able to help care for the hair.





Everyone knows that the sun and its harmful UV rays damage the hair. Application of argan oil can help solve this because it is known to protect the hair from excessive heat damage. Excessive heat can make the scalp and hair dull and dry which may lead for strands to fall off. Because argan oil is rich in vitamin E, it is able to make a protective layer for the hair. This covering helps to insulate the hair from thermal heat that damages hair. Argan oil protects the hair from harm.





Argan oil is best equipped to moisturize and remove hair’s frizz. It makes hair manageable and shinny while protecting it from styling products. A lot of women experience frizzy hair, difficult to manage and make light of. The good news is that a few drops of argan oil applied to hair will help reduce frizzy problems. You would not have to hide your hair under a hat any longer. You can go to that formal party with your beautiful hair!





As earlier stated, argan oil is a wonderful moisturizer for the hair. When hair is hydrated it is able to give that extra bounce and silky feeling to hair. Even as argan oil moisturizes it does not leave a greasy feeling or a greasy look to hair. That is what makes argan oil different from others, it is easily absorbed by hair, skin, and nails. Doesn’t leave a greasy feeling plus it has incredible properties!





A lot of hair products and outside sources such as pollution damage hair. Accumulation of blow dries, flat irons, color treatments, harsh shampoos, damaging hair solutions and technology – these all put a toll on hair. Argan oil can change all of that damage done to your hair for years. It is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and important unsaturated fatty acids that will all work to nourish hair back to its original health. Argan oil is all natural – no added solutions, no added chemicals – just pure argan oil goodness.



Source : AOS

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