Ecopure releases Anti-aging body products


Danahan’s ECOPURE will be introducing an anti-aging body line called the ECOPURE Peptide Collagen Body line.



The line features the main ingredient , a complex of different peptides ( acetyl hexapeptide, palmitate retinyl, pentapeptide-3, ) which are ingredients proven to slow down the skin’s aging process and keeps it firm.


In addition, it features also 7 ECOCERT-certified organic ingredients : Argan, Witch hazel, Rooibos, Chamomile, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Lavender to moisturize your skin, and leave it soft and smooth.




The line now has 2 products :




1. Ecopure Peptide Collagen Body Lotion

에코퓨어 펩타이드 콜라겐 바디로션



400ml / 20,000 wons. Contains 84.5% natural ingredients. Keeps your body wrinkle-free, and a soft lilac scent to provide aromatheraphy effects.




2. Ecopure Peptide Collagen Body Cleanser

에코퓨어 펩타이드 콜라겐 바디클렌져



500ml / 15,000 wons. Contains 95.8% natural ingredients. Mild, hypoallergenic foam cleanses your body while keeping it moist.


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