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Summer is coming so all the Korean companies are out to release sun products. I will be compiling them all in one post!

Korean Cosmeceutical brand , CNP Laboratory, which struck gold for their CNP Propolis Ampoule last year, will be releasing 3 kinds of hypo-allergenic sun block than can be used by any skin types and conditions.

The sunscreens will be 5 free ( paraben, artificial colouring, oil, talc, benzophenon ) to miminize skin irritation. Contains moisturizing ingredients to prevent dry skin from UV radiation and keeps skin moist.


The 3 products are :

1. CNP Laboratory Sensitive Mild Sunblock CNP 센서티브 마일드 선블록 SPF35 PA++

50ml / 38,000 wons. For sensitive skin as it contains at least 7 kinds of plant extracts which contains antioxidants and soothing properties. It also help prevents breakout. Oil free. Forms a protective ‘glyco-film’ layer on skin to protect UV rays effectively.


2. CNP Laboratory Tone Up Protection CNP 톤-업 프로텍션 선 SPF42 PA +++

50ml / 28,000 wons. This is a sunscreen + makeup base that offers skin tone correction and oil control.


3. CNP Laboratory Omega Perfection SPF50 PA+++ CNP 센서티브 마일드 선블록

50ml/ 38,000 wons. For those who are going for prolonged outdoor activities. Waterproof so no need to worry that it will be erased by water or sweat and blocks UVA and UVB effectively. Contains herbal ingredients that deliver hydration and nutrition to the skin that can become dry due to high exposure to UV Rays.




Dr Jart will also be releasing a sun essence – the Dr Jart True Light Essence Sun UV 트루 라이트 에센스 선 SPF 45 PA+++.


This sunscreen combats the sudden temperature change from winter to spring which can cause many skin problems such as dry skin, irritated and sensitive skin that can cause skin to age faster. The Sun Essence has a super moist texture like water that deeply moisturizes the skin without giving it any burden. It can also be used by those with oily skin as it has a non greasy formulation and is water-proof as well. It contains many natural plant extracts ( lotus seed, and many others ) and contains whitening, anti-wrinkle ingredients to give you bright and clear skin.


UPDATED : Triple function multi function essence sunblock with the moisturizing and light application of a hydrating essence. Over 65% of its total contents are water soluble ingredients to help skin retain moisture. Based on a mineral oil free formula that does not turn white or clump upon application. Powerful long lasting UV protection stays on well even after contact with water or oil. It contains natural plant extracts for UV protection helping maintain visibly healthy and clean looking skin.


In addition, it is free from talc, tar, mineral oil, benzophenone, gmo, dioxine, artificial preservatives, formaldehyde – so those with sensitive skin can use with ease. Price : 50ml / 34,000 won





Somang’s naturalism cosmetic line , Danahan’s Ecopure will be releasing two sun products which have high sun protection with SPF 50+ PA+++ .


Like all of ECOPURE products, they are made of natural ingredients which protects from skin irritation. The two products are :

1. ECOPURE Sun Stick 에코퓨어 선 스틱

20g / 18,000 wons. Portable, smooth finish without stickiness.

2. ECOPURE Sun Powder 에코퓨어 선 파우더

Helps cover blemishes naturally and contains sebum absorption powder.




TonyMoly has also released their 3 sun products :


1. Tonymoly UV Sunsert Smarttok Sun Powder SPF50+ UV선셋스마트톡선파우더

9.5g / 14,500 wons. Convenient to apply and bring around. Contains a puff so that you can ‘tok tok’ it anytime and apply sunscreen anytime of the day.


2. TonyMoly UV Sunset Kids & Mon Sun Cream SPF35 PA+++ UV선셋키즈앤맘선크림

Protection for children and mother. 60ml / 10,000 wons.


3. Tonymoly UV Sunset Aqua Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++ UV선셋아쿠아선스프레이

Ideal for those with oily skin and those who sweat a lot! Can be sprayed on the body too! 100ml / 11,000 wons.


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