Ecopure releases body care products from moisture fore


Danahan’s naturalism line, ECOPURE, will be releasing two products off their Moisture Fore line. I wrote about two new products off the Moisture Fore line a few days ago and now we have another two new body care product!


These products are ECOCERT certified and contains 7 kinds of ECOCERT certified organic ingredients ( camellia, honeysuckle, thyme, evening primerose, morning glory, etc ) which provides your skin hydration and nutrients.



The two products are :

1) ECOPURE Moisture Fore Body Cleanser

에코퓨어 모이스춰 바디 클렌져

Contains 90.9% natural ingredients which foams into rich, moisturizing foam which leaves your body clean and moist.

2) ECOPURE Moisture Fore Body Lotion

에코퓨어 모이스춰 바디 로션

The body lotion contains 70.5% natural ingredients which immediately protects your skin’s moisture and keep it soft and moist.

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