ECOCARE Natural Moist Sun Cream



Natural brand, ECOCARE, will be releasing an all natural sunscreen called the ECOCARE Natural Moist Sun Cream SPF 25 PA++.

This product is paraben free, synthetic preservatives free, steroids free, artificial coloring free – therefore perfect for those with sensitive skin.

It is also enriched with natural ingredients such as vegetable oil, rosemary, bamboo sap, evening primrose oil and so on.

These natural ingredients form the skin’s natural moisture barrier and supplies nutrition to the skin.

It only uses physical sunscreen and uses a coating method that shields the skin – protecting those with sensitive skin and suitable even for young children.

60ml / 20800 wons

To purchase it, search for on Gmarket after the 30th of April 에코케어 내추럴 모이스트 썬크림

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