Gmarket Haul number 6 !

Here’s Hope In A Blog Latest Gmarket Haul ( a small one! )

Introducing a few brands here that those of you not might not be familiar with :

a) Dr MJ – is having –70% sales for their escargot/snail skincare line right now, so it might be worth checking out. On top of that, they are also giving away FREE Escargot (their premium line) samples which are worth quite a lot!

b) CNP Lab – This is quite a reputable and serious brand in Korea. I was quite impressed with the ingredients of their Star product their B.B.B Cream ( Blemish Block and Barrier BB Cream ). Check out their products description here!

We also bought the new Laneige Multiberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel and Sleeping Pack!

And last but not least, we had to stock up on our favourite product ever, Sulwhasoo’s First Aid Serum!

What have you been buying from Gmarket? Update Us!

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0 thoughts on “Gmarket Haul number 6 !”

  1. Hi,

    may i know what is the link to purchase dr Mj on gmarket can’t seem to find the snail creme despite taking the description off the official website. Thks

  2. Hi,

    May i have the link to buy Dr Mj on gmarket. cos i can’t seem to find the product on gmarket. Thks

  3. hi christina,

    it seems that Dr MJ doesnt carry the snail line anymore on Gmarket. But here is the link :

    However, there are other brands which are similar to Dr Mj like the Secret Key Escargot line, the Tony Moly active snail line, and probably the most famous snail cream in korea now which is selling like crazy : the it’s skin prestige snail cream

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