Gmarket Haul Number #10

The weather has been really &&£*”&£ lately. I walked to and fro the Post Office under the rain just to collect this for ALL of us. I should be rewarded the Whoo Soo Yeon Set for the Hope In A Blog’s Christmas Presents Exchange *giggles*

Anyway, all of us are loving The History Of Whoo and Sulwhasoo more and more, we bought lots of samples. We also profited from Suiskin Buy 1 Free 1 sales and they sent us two samples of the Panacea Program especially for our readers. Head over to our facebook page to find out how to win it !

Sneak Peak :

1) History Of Whoo Hwa Hyun Eye Cream + Essence. By the way, these are just samples, but already the packaging is sooo lovely ! I’ve never seen such attractive samples packaging before. Even Sulwhasoo doesn’t produce such exquisite packaging for their samples.

3) History Of Whoo’s full size Jinyul Massage Pack. It comes together with the wooden massage tool which is quite cool. However the box was not included Sad smile I notice that though History Of Whoo is a high end range brand, all of it’s packaging are not glass-made and light, unlike Sulwhasoo’s packaging which is on the very heavy glass side.

4) DR MJ ( which is under the BRTC company )’s Snail Eye Cream. Gotta say i love the packaging and i have both the snail gel and snail cream from this range too.

5) Our Suiskin Spree to profit from the Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion. They even gave some free Hello Kitty samples which are sooo cute ! Remember that you can win one of those two envelopes behind the Hello Kitty samples which contains 1 5ml bottle of the Fermented Panacea Essence and 2 packets of the Panacea Moisturizer. For details, head over to our facebook page

6) We ordered 3 different Whoo Foam Cleansers. Can’t wait to test them. Each of us have 2 weeks to test and we’re switching. Also we got a few samples off History Of Whoo’s Basic Line : the face cream, the eye cream and the essence. Notice that these samples are so beautiful too being just plain samples. They even come with a sealed ziplock bag bearing the Whoo logo and cost only about 1/5 of the actual price! What a steal ! We also got ourselves more of Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Treatment Pack

For those of you who are interested to purchase History Of Whoo or Sulwhasoo full size products from an official distributor, there is a 10% discount coupon just for Hope In A Blog readers, details here

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  1. Wow I would just buy the History of Whoo products because of the awesome packaging.
    Happy holidays!

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