Dr Jart upgrades acne line


Dr Jart is finally releasing a whole new line, named after a computer command lol ! Introducing the Dr Jart Ctrl A / Dr Jart Control A.


This is the upgraded acne line aims to clear and prevent breakouts. It is non comedogenic, suitable for acne prone skin and contains the patented AC-Fensine which was developed by the Spanish research institute to destroy acne bacteria on the skin while strenghtening the immune system.


In addition it is free from 10 harsh chemicals – fragrance, artificial colouring, parabens, mineral oil, etc.


What will the line contain ?

1/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A Speedy Clear Fluid

2/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A Drying Spot Corrector

3/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A All Clearing Mask

4/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A Liquid Foam

5/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A Clarifying Toner

6/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A Soothing Moisturiser

7/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A BB Cream Beauty Balm

8/ Dr Jart Ctrl-A Spot Out



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