Dr Jart renews cellwake line




Remember I wrote about the Dr Jart Cellwake line ? Well, it’s now repackaged and renewed featuring 3 new products. The entire packaging is different and now, it’s going to be even more advanced than before. Really love the ad campaigns for this new repacked line.


The line will feature 5 products : a booster toner (300mg of SC-210TM) , a cream (400mg of SC-210TM), an eye cream(500mg of SC-210TM), a serum(2000mg of SC-210TM), and an emulsion(300mg of SC-210TM). The serum contains a highly concentrated amount of pure human adipocyte conditioned media extract derived from stem cells, patented under the name SC210TM.


This line also contains many other anti aging ingredients such as adenosine, EGFs, plant extracts, etc. They are free from 10 harmful chemicals : paraben, artificial colouring, mineral oil, benzophenon, alcohol, BHT, DEA, TEA, BSE, artificial fragrance, and phthalates.

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