Dr Jart introduces v7 relief vita drop


Dr Jart has recently launced a new product off the V7 line called ‘Relief Vita Drop’.

So what is the V7 line about?


V7 means 7 Vitamins ( which are encapsulated by the nanoliposome technology ) which rapidly penetrates the skin and help fight dark spots, freckles, and uneven tone caused by aging and UV rays.

The line  helps improve skin texture, balances the skin, provides moisture and brightens/whitens it.


The V7 Relief Vita Drop contains of course the7 vitamins ( A, B3 , B5, C, E , F, H ) , and also AA2G, a powerful whitening element, AA2G inhibits melanin formation removing flaws including freckles and spots.


It is a moisturizing/emulsion which uses a water-drop system. If you guys don’t know what it means, it is a cream that will have water droplets bursting once rubbed on the skin.


The water-drop emulsion also contains Centella Asiatica extracts as well as Portulaca Oleracea L. extracts.


The line also consists of a booster, a serum and an ointment.

Check out the english description of the V7 line : here

To purchase it on Gmarket , search for : V7 릴리프 비타 드롭 for the emulsion, V7 비타레이저 for the ointment.


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