Dr Jart and It’s Skin release vibrating Foundation




So 2012’s big hit in Korean Cosmetics is definitely the vibrating foundation machines ( take a look at my article on the ones already available in the market  : Here ) . Coming soon is the vibrating foundation machine from both It’s Skin and Dr Jart.


First off, introducing the It’s Skin Sculpt Skin Vibrating Foundation. With 12,000 vibrations per second, the machine applies foundation evenly and flawlessly on your face. The foundation comes together with the vibration machine and it will come in two shades. It also comes with SPF50+. Look at the video and the photos below :





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  1. I’m getting intrigued with this ‘vibrating machines’ (why it sounds so wrong?haha)
    I notice lots of it has a design that includes the foundation, do u know which one that sells only the machine?

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