KGC’s red ginseng skincare brand, Donginbi, now available at The Shilla Duty Free


We wrote about this brand earlier this year ( article found : here ) . Donginbi is KGC’s ( Korean Ginseng Corporation ) first foray into the cosmetics market.


The brand revolves around of course, the Korean Red Ginseng which is grown for 6 years under strict quality control conditions. Korean red ginseng has been consumed safely by herbalists for over 2,000 and is found in many health foods and almost all energy drinks for its non-caffeine-based gentle boost of energy and stamina. Researched over 40 years and over 112 years of established global brand awareness, KGC has one of the world’s largest production facility and the best R&D centres in the global ginseng market.


Starting today, Donginbi will be sold at the Shilla Duty Free mall, so for those wanting to try out this premium brand ( it’s not cheap ! ) can head to Shilla on your next trip to South Korea. Not going there anytime soon? Don’t worry, you can purchase them on Gmarket by typing 동인비. Not sure if you want to purchase the full size and prefer trying the travel size first? It’s also available on Gmarket : here.


Don’t forget to share your experiences after you have tried the line with others on this postSmile

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  1. The cream is more expensive than the Sulwhasoo Ja-Eum Saeng (Concentrated Ginseng) cream and retails at 250,000 won, the same price as the price of the Bullo cream by Coreana Zain.

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