KGC releases red ginseng based skincare




Recently Hope In A Blog reported about KT&G ( Korean Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation ) buying over Somang Cosmetics ( Danahan , Beauty Credit, Ecopure, etc ) and releasing an oriental herbal based skincare here. Recently, another big name in the Ginseng & Beauty Supplement field, KGC ( Korean Ginseng Corporation ) will also be releasing a ginseng-based cosmetic brand called  Donginbi 동인비 (彤人秘).



The brand revolves around of course, the Korean Red Ginseng which is grown for 6 years under strict quality control conditions. Korean red ginseng has been consumed safely by herbalists for over 2,000 and is found in many health foods and almost all energy drinks for its non-caffeine-based gentle boost of energy and stamina. Researched over 40 years and over 112 years of established global brand awareness, KGC has one of the world’s largest production facility and the best R&D centres in the global ginseng market.



The 6-year old Korean Red Ginseng has one of the highest amount of Saponin Ginsenosides found in the roots which supplies your skin with optimum nutrition and repair damaged skin. It also helps in blood circulation, and contains remarkable healing properties.




The brand will be launched with 13 products – 3 cleansing products, 8 skincare products, 1 mist, and 1 mask and will be expanded throughout the years. Now, more choice for oriental-herbal skincare lovers like us, but more competition for established brands such as Sulwhasoo & History Of Whoo.

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