Donginbi promotion! REALLY affordable prices!!

Donginbi promotion! REALLY affordable prices!!

Great news for oriental medicine skincare fans. I’ve always been a fan of donginbi but unable to find attractive prices for their items! Now you can finally purchase


Donginbi is KGC’s ( Korean Ginseng Corporation ) first foray into the cosmetics market. The brand revolves around of course, the Korean Red Ginseng which is grown for 6 years under strict quality control conditions. Korean red ginseng has been consumed safely by herbalists for over 2,000 and is found in many health foods and almost all energy drinks for its non-caffeine-based gentle boost of energy and stamina. Researched over 40 years and over 112 years of established global brand awareness, KGC has one of the world’s largest production facility and the best R&D centres in the global ginseng market.


You can now purchase Donginbi at Duty Free Prices but without having to go to Seoul. How amazing is that ? Check out this Ebay page : here. The prices are the same as the pricing in duty free shops in Korea ( check Shilla’s duty free online mall for prices ) and even shipping is free! You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.


Their prices are only promotional prices because of the brand launch, so purchase them asap before the prices are back up to normal korean retail prices. The whitening set was too good of a deal, so i purchased it immediately! Winking smile Their new Aqua line is out too.


When purchase, leave in the comments section that you were recommended by, and ask them to include some Donginbi samples! I’ve spoken to the seller, so i hope those who have been wanting to try Donginbi at an affordable price can find this post helpful.


There are also deluxe sample kits for sale, but it’s just more worth it purchasing the full size items because the sample kit is rather pricey. For example, the Whitening Set comes with a free deluxe trial kit which retails at $20. The full size set is $80. Therefore, the price of the set is actually $80-$20 = $60! For a high-end product, this price is extremely affordable. Not to mention, free shipping worldwide! Amazing isn’t it ?


Anyone tried Donginbi and loved it? Share your experiences below!

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  1. j’ai une lectrice qui a utilise cette marque ( cetait un cadeau ) et apres avoir utiliser, elle l’a trouve sur mon blog. elle a vraiment adore cette gamme whitening et elle m a demande ou elle peut acheter les autres choses de Donginbi !

  2. Je vais donc tester alors!!! Par contre par pour la gamme Whitening, j’ai surtout besoin d’un contour des yeux pour l’instant
    Merci pour tes revues toujours aussi intéressantes!

  3. y a ca pour les cdy http:www.gagacosmall.krshopshopdetail.html?branduid=51409&xcode=137&mcode=018&scode=&type=X&search=&sort=order

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