Dior releases serum makeup base for Asia


Phewwwww! Thank god it wasn’t the Dior Hydra Life BB Cream which will be Dior’s biggest mistake if they would take it to Asia. Dior will be releasing a makeup suited for summer from their Hydra Life series called the Dior Hydra Life Youth Essential Hydrating Essence In Base / Dior Base De Teint Serum Hydration Jeunesse.


Beyond hydration, vibrant youthful beauty, today and tomorrow  At the heart of the Dior Gardens blossoms the secret of a new, intense hydration that diffuses moisture within the skin to help actively preserve its youthfulness and enhance its beauty.  Dior Innovation: a unique makeup base that combines triple action in a single fluid: youthful hydration, complexion enhancing results and daily UVA and UVB protection with SPF 30. 

Results: skin is instantly perfected, smooth and velvety. Completely protected, skin maintains its vitality to reveal vibrant youthful beauty, today and tomorrow. 

Use on its own after applying lotion or as a finishing touch after your Hydra Life moisturizing treatment to optimize your beauty routine before applying makeup. 

DIOR GARDENS  A pioneer of ethnobotany for over 20 years, Dior selects rare and powerful plant resources from its dedicated Gardens throughout the world. Dior science enriches their purest part and uses it to heighten the revitalizing effectiveness of HYDRA LIFE skin care.


The make-up base contains :

-Jisten from Uzbekistan: Optimizes surface and in-depth water circulation.
-Black Rose from France: Boosts the skin’s defenses against free radicals.
-Centella from Madagascar: Stimulates the production of collagen.
-Pigments and Correcting Powders: Even out and correct skin imperfections.
-UVA and UVB Filters: Provide broad spectrum sun protection

-Mallow Water from Chemille Garden


Ingredient List :


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  1. I do love it. it is very perfect on my combination oily skni on T zone and dry skin on my cheek. My skin is glowing and velvet look. Perfect

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