DHC releases BB Cream




DHC will be releasing their version of the BB Cream called the DHC BB Germanium BB Cream Foundation SPF20 PA++.




The BB Cream will come in 2 colours. It also uses water soluble organic germanium.


Why is germanium used in cosmetics?

Germanium compound dissolved in water, is different from other medicines. It is a recent discovery which has changed people’s concepts of medicine. Based on modern physics theories, the medical field has recently developed quantum biochemistry. The human body is composed of electrical micro-organisms. They have electrical potential. Brain wave scans are used to diagnose different diseases of the brain. We try to discover if the brain’s electric potential is different from a normal one. In the same manner, the stomach, liver, heart, kidney, etc., all have a specific electrical potential of their own. Whenever an organ becomes dysfunctional, the potential will be abnormal. The basic unit of this electrical potential is the electron, and in the human body, hydrogen ions are the influential electrons.

Germanium changes abnormal potential to normal potential. Since the element germanium is a neutral semi – conductor, which is a peculiarly, active element in electronic mechanisms, its electrons seize away other substances easily. Take cancer cells as an example. When cancer cells develop very quickly, the electric potential on the cell membrane is raised. At this moment, if germanium elements are in surroundings, they will seize the electrons of the cancer cells, lowering the cancer potential, inhibiting malignancy and metastasis.

However, if this element is to used in biochemistry, such as the absorption system, metabolism or secretion, it has to be changed to an organic element, with a water soluble nature.

Acting on oxygen centered molecular medicine, organic germanium can promote dehydrogenation and increase oxygen within the body.

In order to maintain life, we eat food for energy. The metabolic process burns food to generate energy as required by the body. The end products of this process are carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Carbon dioxide is exhaled and hydrogen is combined with the inhaled oxygen, to make water, which is discharged from the body. For disposing of these wastes, a large quantity of oxygen is needed.


There are 6 functions of the BB Cream ?

1. Promotes skin elasticity with marine collagen, elastin, super hyaluronic acid and water soluble organic germanium.

2. Evens fine lines and wrinkles – helps cover fine lines and crow feet’s on the eyes and lifts sagging skin instantly.

3. Brightens up the skin tone naturally

4. Doesn’t burden the skin by using mineral make-up

5. Cover up pores and unevenness on the skin by using its smooth fitting powder and spherical powder particles.

6. UV protection

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