Gmarket Hot Deal ! : Danahan RGII Premium EX Hydro Cream


Today, another super hot deal from Danahan RG II Premium EX Hydro Cream and Essence.


Normally priced at 120,000 wons….. it is now only 29,000 wons! The Essence is sold at 39,000 wons.


Snap it up before it goes out of stock : here. If you’re purchasing remember to leave in Comments to seller section ‘Recommended by’ for extras!

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0 responses to “Gmarket Hot Deal ! : Danahan RGII Premium EX Hydro Cream”

  1. Beauty Credit outlets in Korea are actually giving it away FREE with a purchase of the Premium EX RG-II Deep Wrinkle cream.

  2. Not really. I think that it is more a promotion technique and means of clearing old stock for upgrading of products. They always have such insanely great offers with Korean cosmetics and skincare in Korea.

  3. but the line is rather new itself! anyway its a great offerr for us! haha hows your korea trip?

  4. Yes, Korea was fun, but I think there are a lot of good memories I have of Korea in general, especially its people. I myself won’t be staying in Japan forever and will leave for Korea and Canada after work is done.

  5. I was not speaking much of anything else but Korean for the most part, and even when in church on Sundays and on Christmas, the service was all in Korean. I actually can see myself living in Korea for a while.

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