Ecopure releases 4 summer masks


Danahan naturalism sub-brand ECOPURE has released 4 summer masks to deal with the strong ultraviolet rays and pollution to calm irritated skin called the Ecopure Mask 에코퓨어 마스크



The four masks are all ECOCERT-certified, free from 7 kinds of harsh chemicals ( parabens, fragrances, artificial coloring, animal ingredients, silicones, benzoate, artificial antioxidants ). They are :



1. Danahan Ecopure Green Tea Mask 꽃을든남자 다나한 에코퓨어 그린티 마스크

2. Danahan Ecopure Aloe Mask 꽃을든남자 다나한 에코퓨어 알로에 마스크

3. Danahan Ecopure Shea Butter Mask 꽃을든남자 다나한 에코퓨어 쉐어버터 마스크

4. Danahan Ecopure Olive Mask 꽃을든남자 다나한 에코퓨어 올리브 마스크



They are already available on Gmarket, and are being sold at only 1,100 wons each!


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