Danahan releases premium herbal line to combat skin yo-yo problem




Danahan will be releasing an oriental herbal anti aging line for those wanting younger looking skin endorsed by Korean actress Han Ji Min! Introducing the Danahan Anti Wrinkle line 다나한 본연진





With a complete line – a toner, emulsion, cream, serum essence, and eye cream – the Danahan Anti Wrinkle line works by strengthening the skin’s natural defenses. The line also contains ingredients that helps improves the absorbency of the skin so that the skin will be able to absorb the active ingredients which will enhance the efficiency of the product. With a blend of oriental herbs and using red ginseng saponin enzyme treatment, the line helps to maintain the yin and yang balance of the skin, making it radiant and more elastic.


Check out the commercial below

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  1. It’s launched in collaboration with KTG, which also manufactures Llang and Donginbi, and that accounts for the ingredient of red ginseng. I saw it in Beauty Credit outlets in Seoul earlier this September.

  2. Hi I am in Korea, is it cheaper to buy from the retail shops than online like gmarket especially for premium products like su:m37 and sulwhasoo. The online shops are in Korean.

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