More summer mists from Coreana, Goodal,Scinic & Dr.G




It seems like the summer mist launches aren’t slowing down at all. I’ve reported almost every mist that has been released by major Korean cosmetic brands lately, and today, we’ve got new mists from Coreana, Dr.G, etc.




1. Dr.G Gowoonsesang Trouble Calm Calm Body Mist

트러블 캄캄 바디 미스트




This is a body mist that helps calm skin troubles on your body such as excess sebum secretion, back acne, sun burn, skin irritation, while moisturizing it with the help of tea tree oil, betaine, salicylic acid, fresh herbs, and agrimony extracts. Absorbs fast and leaves your skin smooth , moisturized, and helps solves it’s problems.




2. Coreana Collagen Mist 

코리아나 콜라겐 미스트



120 ml / 25,000 wons.



Contains 20% of marine-derived collagen peptide which keeps your skin elastic and moist while improving water retention under the hot summer heat. Rich in marine minerals, the mists helps balance the skin, maintains skin hydration and stimulates the skin’s metabolism. Fine mist particles penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to boost the effectiveness of the product.




3. Scinic Crystal Glacial Water Facial Mist

크리스탈 빙하수 훼이셜 미스트





Contains 77% of alaska glacier water which immediately quenches the skin’s thirst. Contains the Soothing Botanical Complex ( liquorice, chamomile ) and multi-vitamin complex ( B3, B5, C, E ) to sooth irritated skin and provide anti-oxidants. Free from 4 harsh chemicals – oil, paraben, alcohol, etc.



4. Goodal Murumuru Seed Hydra Mist

무루무루 씨드 하이드라 미스트




Clio’s organic and natural sub-brand, Goodal, which uses natural ingredients from the Amazon, will be releasing a hydrating summer mist which helps relieve dry skin caused by excessive summer heat. Free from 9 harsh chemicals – parabens, artificial colouring, alcohol, mineral oil, animal derived ingredients, phenoxyethanol, benzophenon etc.


Read the article on Goodal’s line : here

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