Lavida releases world’s first infrared sunscreen




Coreana Cosmetic’s LAVIDA has been making waves in Korea at the moment and been doing very well. LAVIDA uses a new technology called “phytosphingosine-1-phosphate” (PhS1P) that takes advantage of inter-cell signal transfer mechanism. It is widely expected to slow facial skin aging.


Sphingolipids are a diverse and ubiquitous class of lipids with at least 500 members, and are involved in a wide range of cellular processes. In fungi and plants, one of the most widely distributed sphingoid bases is PhS1P. It is also found in lesser amounts in animals.


Last year, Coreana produced the first ever cosmetic item in the world that block Infrared rays in the form of a BB Essence Pact form  ( Read my review : here ). This time they are using the same technology with LAVIDA Sun Solution Daily IRF 20 선솔루션 데일리.


The LAVIDA Sun Solution Daily  protects you from UVB Rays ( SPF 36 ), UVA Rays ( PA+++ ), and Infrared Rays ( IRF 20 ). *A German study published last year suggested that the spectrum of sun damage is wider than previously suspected: Infrared radiation may also release free radicals and accelerates aging. While UV rays account for only 6.8 percent of solar light, infrared, which we mainly experience as the heat of the sun, makes up 54.3 percent (the rest, called “visible light,” is what we see as the colors of the rainbow). How much skin damage infrared does remains to be seen—some estimates indicate that the combination of infrared and visible causes some 10 to 20 percent of sun damage—but, according to Michael Southall, PhD, a senior researcher at Johnson & Johnson, “traditional sunscreens, which only block UV, don’t protect us from the sun’s total oxidative toll.”


Infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin, and increases the skin’s temperature which may affect the synthesis of collagen, and messes up the skin’s metabolism and functions. As you all know, when the temperature of the skin is increased ( by infrared rays, light, or heat ), the skin aging process is accelerated. Sulwhasoo also introduced last year , the Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream, which was the world’s first thermal protection skincare which uses the scale of TPF ( Thermal Protection Factor ). Read more about it in detail on our review here. Last year, Coreana introduced to the world the scale IRF which is the InfraRed Factor.


Now you have the option of a sunscreen which not only blocks you from the harmful UVB and UVA rays but also Infrared rays and you can simply boast to your friends that ‘Yes, I own an Infrared sunscreen. Heard of it?’


I’m waiting for that day when we will also have the 1st sunscreen in the world that has SPF, PA, IRF, TPF


The LAVIDA Sun Daily is slightly tinted which acts more like a skin tone corrector than a BB Cream :




If you’d like more coverage with SPF, PA, & IRF there is always the Coreana Vital Recovery BB Pact ( article here, review here )  , or the powder form : the Coreana UV-IR Block Sun Power ( 코리아나 UV IR BLOCK™ 글라인딩 팩트 )


*Source : Elle

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  1. nope, sulwhasoo released a TPF, thermal protection factor which doesnt involve Infrared rays

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