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Didn’t expect another Gmarket Haul so fast, but my friends wanted to purchase some stuff, and some clients also wanted to purchase some new releases so here we go! This is the first time Gmarket packed their boxes this way. basically two boxes, one covered on top of the other : and the worse thing was the two boxes combined were not taped, so anyone could have just lifted the box up, and stole something! So dangerous!





The upper box wasn’t taped – you could just lift it up and steal something – or the boxes could have detached on its own and everything would fall out! I hope Gmarket doesn’t do this anymore!




1. Hanyul Optimizing Serum


Seller : here


This is the latest serum from Hanyul which is a first-care serum equivalent to Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum. It comes in a really nice box and the instructions are fully explained in English this time. Hopefully the future Hanyul products will be explained in English in detailed too! I would totally recommend this serum. It’s moisturizing, absorbs quickly, and contains 84% of concentrated herbal essence!






2. HERA Auto Fitting BB Set

Seller : here


3. HERA Auto Fitting Clay Foundation

Seller : here


I would totally recommend this seller even though they made a mistake. My friend ordered this in Shade 01 for the BB but it came in Shade 02! But the seller was really generous with free gifts. Authentic bling bling Hera pouch, with a deluxe sample cleansing set, and a really beautiful Hera mirror! I would also recommend both products – as expected the quality is there as HERA is known for their quality make-up. They both come with vibration machines. The HERA Auto Fitting BB comes with a high quality vibration machine ( not those type you get with the cheap brands ). You can really feel the vibration! The Clay Foundation machine is really special and weird. It’s suppose to mimic your fingers tapping your face, and it does. It doesn’t only vibrate – but it also has this tapping mode which is really weird but nice at the same time, like giving a mini massage on your face. Let’s see how this will compare to the OHUI vibrating BB set !




4. Danahan Ecopure Greeting Flower Hand Rose

Seller : here

5. Danahan Ecopure Greeting Flower Hand Lilac

Seller : here

6. Danahan Ecopure Greeting Flower Hand Camellia

Seller : here


Ahhh, they’re so adorable!!!



Flower shaped hand cream from Somang’s Danahan’s Ecopure. Lol! Comes in three scents : rose, lilac and camellia. They all three have different textures too with the Camellia having a gel texture! Gel hand cream? Now, that’s a first! They look absolutely adorable and cute. Perfect for a gift or something to put in your handbag. You likey?




7. Coreana Senite Golden Cell Repair BB Pact

Seller : here

8. Coreana Ten Seconds Dual Synergy BB Cream

Seller : here

9. Coreana Noni Sangji Perfect Collagen Aqua Ampoule

Seller : here

10. Coreana Noni Sangji Perfect Collagen Whitening Ampoule

Seller : here

11. Coreana Noni Sangji Perfect Collagen Intensive Ampoule

Seller : here


I never knew Coreana was so stingy with their samples. 0 samples. I’ve bought a couple of times from them but they never ever gave a single sample! And when i asked them they said ‘ Sorry , we do not have sampes’. The problem is that these items are sold at full priced ! Full priced items should come with a packload of samples! The 3 bottles of the Coreana Noni Sangji were on –70% discount, and on Koreadepart they are sold at $50 each, while on Gmarket, it is only $12! They come in 3 different ampoules – whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging. The Coreana Noni Sangji uses Noni and Sangji extracts




The Coreana Senite Golden Cell BB Set came with a vibration machine and an extra puff. Batteries included. The gold is really striking and the BB Cream is great. Moist! It’s more moist than the Coreana LAVIDA BB Pact or the Coreana Vital Recovery BB Pact. All 3 BB Pacts from Coreana have the Infra-red protection which is the world’s first infrared-blocking cosmetic items.




The Coreana Ten Seconds Dual Synergy BB Cream was also really moist but there was some faults with the packaging. The BB Cream wouldn’t come out initially and a lot of serum had to be pumped out before the BB started coming out! Anyway, both the serum and BB mixes really nicely and feels really moist. You’ll feel the smooth siliconey feeling after applying this and it’s rather matte!





12. HERA UV Mist Cushion C21

Seller : here


Haha, the only item i got for myself ! Big fan of the HERA UV Mist Cushion so i got hold of the refill of the C21 shade. I have the N23 and i really like it. The coverage is above average, and it gives this nice glow to the face. If you like the Glam look, you can get the N22 which contains a little shimmer to highlight your face. If you want the cushion make-up base, there is the IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock in the N20 shade which is a primer / makeup base.






13. Touch Face Premium

Seller : here




Out of the lot of vibrating BB Machines, this one is probably the real deal ! You can just feel the differences between those cheaper BB machines. You can take a look of the experiments and videos done : here. However, it’s definitely one of the more expensive BB Machines but worth the investment if you’re really into vibrating machines. This one also comes with a cleansing option, so you can use it with your cleansing cream/oil/emulsion.  It also comes with a base, and two handles ( long and short ). Batteries come included.





14. The Saem Snail Hand Cream Trio

Seller : here

SO adorable. Comes in three scents – lily, cherry blossom, and freesia. Wish i got these for myself. The Saem was having a huge 40% sale, so my friends bought lots of items because honestly, we’ve never seen The Saem on 40% before. Everything was almost half-priced ! Unbelievable!




15. The Saem Moms Nagging Mini Doll Hand Cream

Seller : here


These hand creams are really cute as well. Not to mention the name – Mom’s Nagging. Haha. Perfect gift for mother’s day to remind her ;D . Comes in 3 versions – peach, berry, and rose ! The bright packaging really catches your eyes. They only cost about $1+ during the sales period.




16. The Saem Gem Miracle Motion BB Foundation

Seller : here

Also managed to get it at half priced. This is one of the better lower-end BB machines. It’s more sturdy and vibrates more than the smaller ones from VoV, TonyMoly, etc.They should have the option of selling just the machine so that consumers don’t have to pay more for the BB Cream they don’t want !



17. The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Renew Sun Cream

Seller : here

This is the sun cream from the Dr Beauty EGF + Synake + Snail slime line. It was also half priced. My friend tested it and it was really nice. The texture was really moist and light. It has light pigments and skin tone correction properties. It brightens up your skin tone instantly and makes it radiant ! Reminds me of the Hanyul Sun Cream but with a lighter, moist texture. It is not tinted.




18. The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Renew Spiral Serum


Seller : here


Got this at half priced! REALLY beautiful. How does The Saem manage to make these cool designs in their creams and serums? Stunning! It’s like a work of art. They’re not printed art btw! This special set comes with a 20ml cream of the same line. Uses Syn-ake, snail slime and E.G.F !








This is a separate haul because a client was in a rush to have these products. My friends and I also joined together!



19. Re:NK K Serum< /strong>

20. Re:nK K Cream

Seller : here

Seller was very generous with samples. Gave like 15 free masks, and samples of the latest Allvit super premium line – the Allvit Youth Reviving essence & cream.

This is the latest line from Re:Nk which only features 2 products : a serum mist and a balm cream which comes in 4x15ml jars to ensure the freshness of the product. I was able to purchase them separately to try them out so if you want to test this line out as the full size products are crazy expensive – you can start with these loose full size products.


Woongjin Coway has announced that its makeup brand Re:NK has launched the K Line for skin texture care that was jointly developed by ad model Ko Hyun Jung.

The K Line comprises of K Serum for moisturized skin care and K Cream for elastic skin care. The mist-typed K Serum helps to keep skin moisturized by fulfilling skin textures with moisture particles. Its anion water also raises skin absorption of core ingredients.

Balm-typed K Cream provides nutritional contents with skin and keeps skin elastically by introducing specialized absorption method. These products also adopted rose powdery musk perfume. The K Line is sold at Lotte Department Jamsil, Lotte Duty Free Shop and JDC Duty Free Shop.

Ju-Yeon Lee, a brand manager of Re:NK, said, ‘Ko Hyun Jung has beautiful skin that most women want to look like. Thus we have strived to make new concept cosmetics including her skin philosophy by communicating with her. We will continue to develop customer-centered products by keeping partnership with her.”




21. Su:m37 Triple Story Ampoule

Seller : here




Oooh, this came in 3x15ml jars, so we divided it between the 3 of us to try 1 bottle each. This is the weirdest ampoule i’ve tried. The ampoule melts and absorbs immediately on the skin, leaving a cold refreshing sensation on your face, and making it so moist and soft. So addicted to this that i’m trying to save every drop possible. The Su:m37 Waterfull line is still one of my Top 3 Korean skincare line of all time and this is a great addition, however the price not so great. Recommended if you have the budget.





22. OHUI Auto Cover Cream Foundation

Seller : here


This is OHUI’s version of the vibration machine. The HERA one here is far more superior so far from what i’ve seen in terms of the build of the machine. This OHUI vibration machine does seem very cheap and similar to those lower-end vibrating BB machines. The seller gave Shade 03, which is the darker shade, but actually the shade is rather light! Watch out for our HERA VS OHUI vibrating machine review coming soon after my friends have tried them out!



23. Chosungah 22 Lemon Energy Cleansing Serum + Vibrating Machine Cleanser

Seller : here


We all know how Chosungah Raw Black Bubble Mask was a huge hit in Korea and continuing it’s success is Chosungah 22’s new cleanser – the Lemon Energy Cleansing Serum. The catch this time is that it no longer comes with a brush, but this vibrating machine with a special puff. The machine is already sold out from the seller I’ve bought it from ( here ) so hope that you will be able to find it with other sellers!

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