Gmarket Haul 23

17 (6)

17 (6)

Couldn’t resist the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion of ElishaCoy’s latest Moist Up products, so a mini haul together with a few other products.


18 (6)


1. Coreana Vital Recovery BB Cream Pact UV IR Block


Seller : here

Price : 32,400



This is the world’s first Infra-red block BB product. It’s been reallly popular lately and have been achieving very encouraging sales in Korea !



19 (5)



2. Su:m 37 White Award Trial Kit


3. History Of Whoo Soo Yeon Mist


4. OHUI Hydra Formula Ampoule


Seller : BeautyMania


Been wanting to try these stuff since no.3 & 4 are rather new products!


1a (6)


5. Re:NK Clear Balancing Pore Tightening Serum


Seller : BCCOS

Price : 39,600

Been enjoying Re:NK’s products so figured I’d test the new one!  

This is Re:NK’s latest product

1b (7)

6. ElishaCoy Moist Up Collagen Sleeping Mask


Seller : Facedream

Price : 29,000 ( Buy 1 Free 1 )



7. ElishaCoy Moist Up Pure Mineral Mist


Seller : Facedream

Price : 16,000 ( Buy 1 Free 1 )


How could i miss this opportunity? Hehe, the ingredient list looks quite impressive too! The Buy 1 Free 1 offer is over already, so you won’t be able to get this promotion anytime soon! There is also a cleanser from the Moist Up series.

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  1. hey there is a promotion that if you buy the full size of selected Whoo’s products you will get a free 30ml trial of Soo Yeon mist, but this will not last long hehe I just want to get more and more I’m addicted

  2. ah no, my seller she goes to Korea twice a week so she usually gets me fantastic sets of OHui and Whoo from duty free shops

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