Coreana’s 10Seconds and Senite releases BB Cream + Vibrating Machine




Ahhhhh… bling bling bling! You’re going to be the centre of attention if you’re taking this set out from your handbag! Everything is gold – from the BB pact, to the BB Machine, even the puff is gold in colour !! Introducing Coreana Senite Golden Cell Repair BB Pact 코리아나 세니떼 골든셋 리페어 비비 팩트 세트.


So there’s a reason behind this bling bling right? Yeap! This Senite BB Pact also contains 24K Gold, as well as Moroccan Argan Stemcell. Argan Stem Cell accelerates the skin’s natural repair process. 24 Karat Gold ions activates the skin’s microcirculation to give you radiant bright skin!


Not only that, it features Coreana’s patented UV-IR product, which is the first product in the world that blocks from the sun’s infra-red rays. Infrared rays are also harmful to the skin, but have been a subject less studied. The set comes with a vibrating machine, AND not only that, it also comes with a vibration machine which will help ensure adhesion of the BB Pact to your skin. If you don’t like the machine, a puff is also included. The Aqua Puff absorbs moisture and is anti-bacterial !




So…. Coreana’s other brand, Ten Seconds, a makeup brand targeted more towards the youth, will also be releasing a vibrating foundation machine. Like the Senite Vibrating Machine above, this one will also have 14,000 microvibrations per second.


Does a vibrating machine really makes a difference? Let’s see it below :




So this Vibrating Machine is to be used together with Ten Seconds latest product, the Ten Seconds Dual Synergy BB Cream. So what exactly is this BB Cream ?





Containing 15ml of serum, and 15ml of BB Cream – this BB Cream has an ultra light texture which also has whitening and anti wrinkle properties.



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  1. Wow! Bling bling indeed! Looks so expensive and high-end. I would love to try one of this vibrating BB’s at some point just to see if your skin would end up looking like the pictures they post along with their products!

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