Coreana Vitamin C Collagen VC Treatment


Coreana Cosmetics, a cosmetic company known for it’s high quality products, has released a new version of it’s infamous Vitamin C and Collagen powder.


First released in 1999, it has then generated 777 billion in revenue for Coreana and in 2011, it will be renewed.


The Vitamin C and Collagen treatment is in powder form as Vitamin C is highly unstable. The moment it is transformed into essence, the vitamin C and collagen penerates deeply into the skin. It works as an anti-aging and whitening product.


To purchase it, search for 코리아나 비타민C 콜라겐 파우더 에센스 on Gmarket. Double check the photos to make sure you are getting the 2011 version instead of the old one! Smile


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