Coreana to release cell signalling brand-‘Lavida’


Coreana Cosmetics will be launching another new line called Lavida 라비다.


The brand focus is on cell signaling and uses a new patent called ‘PhytoS1P’ that helps create a healthy and elastic skin by increasing the production of collagen. The line will have high concentrations of this patent ( up to 90.5%) and is FDA approved.


So what is this Phyto-S1P? It simply stands for phytosphingosine-1-phosphate. It participates in numerous cell programs such as regulation of protein synthesis and degradation through signaling mechanisms and has important functions in stress responses.


The spokesperson for this brand will be Korean actress, Kim Ha Neul. It will feature 13 products and pricing will start from 30,000 wons onwards.

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  1. The one thing about Coreana’s products is that they hardly can be found in any retail stores at all in Korea, and even as a domestic brand mainly sold in Korea(there are importers of Coreana in Asia and North America but they carry limited stuff), they sell them mainly online. Coreana is a rather underrated brand but has really good products, and I can say that without advertising as aggressive as Amorepacific or LG, it can still hold its own next to them. This reminds me of Isa Knox Alarm cell line which is based on a similar concept of activating the skin’s innate moisturizers.

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