Coreana Releases Hydro Water Lily line



One of Korea’s larger cosmetic company, Coreana, will be launching a new line called the Senite Hydro Water Lily and will feature 6 products. /?p=2231  

/?p=2231 Coreana is one of the lesser known brands outside of Korea, but is a household cosmetic name in Korea itself. It has a very good reputation for making high quality and efficient cosmetic products and has several lines to it.


Senite is the latest line from Coreana whichis endorsed by the currently popular actress, Seo Woo which is currently acting in Flames Of Ambition, for her young and youthful image. The Senite line is marketed towards women in their early 20s and as well as for teenagers. /?p=2231  


The Senite line itself is broken into a few sub lines ( Pure Mung Bean line, Polynesian Intensive line , etc)  and the Hydro Water Lily line itself is broken into two sub-lines namely the Fresh line and the newly introduced Whitening Hydro Lily line. /?p=2231  

/?p=2231 The line features their star ingredient, the Water Lily extract which has exceptional moisturizing ingredients. Water Lily extracts contain large amount of Vitamin C and flavonoids.The line will also feature the special Nano-liposome technology which forms a protective layer on the skin and prevents moisture escape from the skin.


The line boasts 6 products – Cleansing Foam, Toner, Essence, Cream, BB Cream. /?p=2231  

If you’re in your late 10’s, early 20’s .. and want a simple hydrating and moisturizing one, give Coreana’s Hydro Water Lily line a chance ! /?p=2231  

To purchase, search for 세니떼 하이드로 워터릴리 on Gmarket. /?p=2231  
For more information of the Senitte products, or other Coreana products, visit here. ( Google Translator advised ).

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  1. I guess that the target audience of Senite means that as a whole, it is “too young” for me, since I am in my 30′s(turning 35 this year). I liked Coreana’s other stuff such as Nokdu, Bichui GaIn, and Zain. The best products in Coreana for R&D would probably be Hanbang Mi-in, and Zain. The former especially was created in collaboration with Kyunghee University’s Division of Oriental Medicine Research.

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