Coreana launches new cosmetics line ‘ 10 seconds
    Coreana, a reputable cosmetic brand in Korea , has just released it’s brand new make up brand called ‘Ten Seconds’   Bearing the name ‘10 Seconds’ , the brand is aimed at women today who are too busy with their life and have less time for makeup. 10 Seconds cuts the hassle of make-up, making it short, simple, and affordable. We call it ‘Speed and Smart’ make-up.   The brand will launch with a total of 96 items, presenting a variety of long lasting makeup products and colors.

Where To Purchase?

    We are sure it will appear on Gmarket soon enough, there we are going to be providing it’s korean name first, therefore look it up on Gmarket if you are interested : 텐세컨즈           To be able to win samples / prizes and be updated , don’t forget to join us at facebook and twitter :

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Posted on by admin
  • ladydiana

    i prefer to use this product but dispointed, why certain area just selling this poduct??? what happen?? for admin, pls dont stop selling this product in Malaysia.. really hope so… :-(

  • azlina

    what happen with this product? why ur company want stop selling in Malaysia..actually i used 3D base make up..

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