COreana expands highly successful brang LAVIDA with whitening line




Spring and summer is on it’s way so all the companies are pushing out their new whitening lines! Coreana’s new line LAVIDA was the world’s first cell signaling line. The line has had hugggge success and everyone’s talking about this line now – and it’s success has already created 2 lines and now it’s 3rd – with the Coreana Lavida White Solution line. The line is endorsed by the lovely korean actress Kim Ha Neul.


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Coreana Cosmetics, one of Korea’s major cosmetics brands, has developed a new technology called “phytosphingosine-1-phosphate” (PhS1P) that takes advantage of inter-cell signal transfer mechanism. It is widely expected to slow facial skin aging.

Sphingolipids are a diverse and ubiquitous class of lipids with at least 500 members, and are involved in a wide range of cellular processes. In fungi and plants, one of the most widely distributed sphingoid bases is PhS1P. It is also found in lesser amounts in animals.

Based on the patents related to PhS1P (Patent No. 2011-27198) and anti-aging bio-mimicry nutrients (Patent No. 10-977672), the company has succeeded in developing a new material “Powercell.” A new brand “La Vida” that incorporated the material will be launched in January of this year.

-Sean Chung




Other than the Ph1SP ingredient, the whitening line will feature magnolia extracts


The line will consist of :

1. Lavida White Solution Foam Cleansing

2. Lavida White Solution Fluid

3. Lavida White Solution Serum

4. Lavida White Solution Cream

5. Lavida White Solution VC Powder Essence

6. Lavida White Solution Ampoule


Have you guys tried this popular line from Coreana? It intrigues me because of it’s rocketed popularity! Hope that there will be more information on this line soon.


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  1. the term ‘huge success’ always intrigues me haha
    based on the description, sounds similar to ohui cell power no 1 u think u can compare both? hehe thanks ^^

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