Updated With Links! : Coreana Bi Hui Ga In introduces two new lines


Coreana will be introducing two brand new lines to their Jade Cain line ( Bi hui Ga-in).코리아나 비취가인


The brown line will be an anti-wrinkle line, and red line will be an elasticity line. Will update when there are more details. The first product from the two new line is the serum from the brown line and has officially been launched on Coreana Official Gmarket Page : here.




Sold now on Gmarket : toner, cream, emulsion ( also sold separately ), essence ( different seller )

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  1. It appears as if they are revamping an old series and instead of using nok-yong(deer’s antlers), they are changing the ingredients to more plant-based herbal ones, such as yeong-ji mushroom and jang-nwi sam (a type of ginseng). I loved the Da Yoon line of Bichui Ga In and bought one here in Korea at a distributor-wholesaler for the winter, which is heavily discounted, and I can probably foresee myself using it for a long while. The texture of the cream and lotionemulsion is actually very suited to winter.

  2. Actually, Coreana has a lot of herbal lines, which are mainly sold to the domestic market. Bichui GaIn is part of the domestic market and although you can find it on Gmarket, few international buyers know of it. The other two lines of Hanbang Mi In and Zain are sold to the domestic and international market respectively. I came across another line by Coreana too a few days ago, but it is a lesser known one. Will let you know once the New year is over.

  3. I just opened a set of the Hwal(Vitality)line for Bi Chui Ga In–the red packaging–and find it good so far. Will review it when I am halfway through the set. By the way, just a correction. I think your entry might have gotten the lines mixed up. The brown line is the basic one according to the Korean site, and meant mainly for elasticity and improving of skin texture(gyeol), while the red line is for total anti-aging(anti-wrinkle and whitening all in one).

  4. i heard that the red line is quite similar to the purple hannule line. is it true? isnt it too rich for summer use?

  5. I cannot comment much on that similarity, if there is even any. I find Hannule Go Gyeol Jinaek just nice for my skin type(the cream is optional for combination skin, and I normally use it at night only if it is not winter), but the Coreana Bichui Ga In Hwal set that I just bought does not feel that heavy. It is lighter than the older series of Bi chui Ga In, the Da Yoon(highly moisturizing) line, which contained stuff like shea butter. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my skin is dehydrated in general!

  6. I am going to get some products from the Hanbang Mi In line of Coreana cosmetics and also Ja Saeng Yeon from Doori Cosmetics (which manufactures Daenggi Meori, an anti-hairloss shampoo and treatment range that sells both domestically in South Korea and in the USA and Japan). I have heard a lot about the shampoo Daenggi Meori especially, and know it to be very good, but would be intrigued to try out the skincare for summer, which is supposedly based on the concept of various Oriental herbs coupled with plant based leaf and floral extracts(I think 9 Oriental herbs with 5 leaffloral extracts).

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