[Elishacoy] Skin Repairing Snail Cream



To celebrate the new launch of Hope In A Blog coming very soon ( which I have been absolutely crazy busy with ), Wishtrend was willing to sponsor 3 FULL SIZE ElishaCoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream worth $45USD to 3 lucky HOPEFUL readers!


There’s only one condition to this contest, you just have to provide your Wishtrend account in the comments section ( the email used when you signed up for a wishtrend account here , and if you haven’t head over here ). Contest ends on the 19/10/2012.  3 random winners will be chosen and worldwide shipping will be supported!


Check out the details of this amazing cream below!


0 thoughts on “wIN wIN wIN AN eLISHAcOY sNAIL cREAM !”

  1. My WishTrend account is Thanks Hope-inablog for offering this contest.

    I love Wishtrend. I just ordered some Ciracle products from them and I’m in love with both the products and the customer services from Wishtrend. Lots of samples were included in my package as well, which was a bonus.

  2. My Wishtrend email is Thanks you very much for this giveaway section !

    Always been a fan of Wish Company, they offer the best on the market and I have been in love with all the products that I bought at Wishtrend

  3. Hi! Thank you for this contest! This is a really strange cream, I want to try it! My account is with email: peveno@centrale-*******.fr (anyway I put my email with my name)

  4. Hi Jo !! Thank you and Wishtrend very much for this giveaway ! I’ve never try Elisha Coy’s products, and i’m found of snail cream… so i would be happy to win (^__^)
    Good luck to everyone, and can’t wait to see the new version of Hope in a blog
    (My email for Wishtrend website is

  5. Me me me!!!! Always wanted to try it! My wish trend email add is sun_magar369[at]hot

  6. A froggy frog for a snail cream, I think it’s obvious ^^
    Thanks for this contest
    (my account email is ale****ros[at]free[dot]fr)

  7. ohh! thank you for this! even though i’ve read all about it, i’ve never tried snail cream before.

    pick me !!!!! pick me !!!!!! pick me!!!!!!! lol i am so excited that the blog is back up and running!!!!!!!! if it wasn’t for u , I would have never found out about SU:M 37 my new passion skincare brand…… Mark

    as far as i know… most of korean used snail’s nutrition product.. that’s why their skin was so smooth. yes.. with all the nutrition by the snail, it’s repairs the damage skin, which all women want the most… when our age grow bigger, our skin damage rate grow bigger too… hopefully for those who are not korean can try this product too…. !! =))

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