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  • fongfong

    Hi! Wonderful new site! I noticed that you added an Ingredient List page on the site. What a smart and useful idea! One comment though, why is A.C.Care labeled as “A.C Cure” on your site? Is this a typo?

    • admin

      ahh thanks for pointing that out !!!

  • Vivienne Nguyen

    Congratulations on the new site Hope, its really a breath of fresh air and a wealth of skin care knowledge here. I cant wait for upcoming reviews. Wish you all the best.


  • Susan RIfkin

    I was recently in Korea and purchased some Saem products. How can I order them or where can I find them in the United States? Thank you, Susan Rifkin

    • admin

      Hi susan,

      The Saem can only be bought in physical stores in Korea. They are currently not available elsewhere. What products did you buy and liked from the Saem?

    • TK

      I find a site with the Saem products too, they sell to the United States, but not every products of the Saem is available……maybe you can take a look
      the site is
      hope that can help you

  • Veronicasakuno

    I want to buy chosungah-raws’s black jam because some people say that it is pure natural. I searched from many website and I can’t find the ingredient list. I know that you have a post of this brand :
    For this product posted, Can you give the ingredient list for me, please?

    • Anonymous

      sorry it is only available in Korean

  • Duswnrjdi

    Hello, I am looking for number to contact to LG Isa Know American Branch.
    Could you provide me? If you can please send me a e-mail

    • Anonymous

      sorry we do not have the contact

  • Shsheh

    It took me so long to find the items at gmarket. But when I tried to check out, I found out the shipping cost so high. My order is around $160, but the shipping cost to the States is $70.00.

    The price at ebay is higher than gmarket, but with the shipping cost from gmarket. The price come out so close at ebay, and I do not need to guess what is meaning on those Korean wordings.

    Anyone can give me tips on saving the shipping cost at gmarket?

    Thank you

    • Anonymous

      The shipping cost is usually just an estimate. It will probably cost about $50, depending on what products you are purchasing. If its shower baths, it will be heavier. To save up, win as many coupons you can find. Check out our gmarket tutorial 5.

  • aaa

    Hi hope, regarding gmarket -
    I wanted to know if on the invoice attached to the EMS package they write also the cost of the shipping or only
    the cost of random 4 products in the package?
    becasue in my country, they tax the package for the total cost (products+shipping) but if shipping cost isn’t
    written they will only calcultate the tax based on the products cost….

    and btw, do they still write only the prices of 4 products or all of the products in the order?

    thanks for your kind help :)

    • Anonymous

      the cost of the shipping is on the right side… here, they usually dont tax on shipping because the gmarket staff has really hard to read handwriting, and the tax officers usually forget about them. haha

      see your luck if they spot the shipping because they’re not together. the shipping total is on the upper right corner

  • Mas11092

    I’m very interested in dermarolling but I don’t know where to start. I just wanted to know if you used any kind of gel or cream with the dermaroller and how often you use it? I also have acne scars on my back and I wanted to know if it helps with that?


  • Nina Jung

    Hi! I’m going to Korea soon and I really want to try Chosungah Raw Dayshu Radiance Cream. Where can you buy it in Korea?

    • hopeinablog

      hi nina, i don’t think you can get it in offline shores. they are sold on cjmall’s website..

  • Carman

    Hi Hope,
    Being a 24 year-old girl, I notice i have some quite deep laugh lines and an unfortunate weird a bit chubbier cheek when comparing to another one. The asymmetry and lines are not that noticeable until I smile :( In fact, I have been using Sulwhasoo Firming Cream religiously for almost 3 months. As much as I adore how soft my skin is by using it, I notice it does not help firm or lift my face at all. I have in my mind the Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Cream which I’d like to give a try. However, I figure out that it is better to have your recommendations :) So what I am really looking for is a cream/serum/essence or perhaps more that would help me get rid of those never welcomed laugh lines and achieve more distinct face lines ( a V-shaped face I guess). Could you please recommend me products that in your opinion you think would help my case best? Thanks a bunch in advance.

    • hopeinablog

      Hi Carman, have you heard of the Danahan RGII Deep Wrinkle Cream ? There have been some positive feedback about that cream. Personally, my mum has used the Hannule Red line and she saw really positive results after 1 month.

  • Carman

    Hi Hope, may I ask you how many times/week he tHistory of Whoo Essential Massage Mask is supposed to be used? Thanks much.

    • hopeinablog

      once a week. but you can adapt it to your needs.

  • Brian


  • Brian

    Is it possible for me to order the anti-pore blackhead kit online? I lived in the United States.

  • angie

    hi hope
    where i can ask the MULE Artist Curve Brush & MULE Artist Curve Puff¿¿¿

    • hopeinablog

      you can get them on Gmarket.

  • Michelle

    Does CNP sell its products in UK/US stores or websites, by any chance? If you could lend me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Claire


    I work for Marie Claire Magazine and we would like to feature Banila Co. Clean it Zero (in the pink jar) in our December issue. We are having difficulties contacting Banila Co. in Korea. Does anyone know where or from whom I can get a high resolution image of this product or get a sample of it sent to our corporate offices? If anyone knows please let me know, thanks!

  • Umesh

    Hey guys i wanna buy about 50pcs of the Mise en Scene hair color foam. I am in HKG and would like to know what would be the cost of this product in HK$ or in US$. Also would appreciate if i can get them here in HK.