Skin79 and CNP Cosmetics releases new cleansing Products


Skin79 will be releasing a new cleansing oil called the ‘Smart Clear Deep Cleansing Oil’ and is a 1 step cleansing product which is highly effective.


The oil will remove makeup residue instantly as well as black heads and dead skin cells at the same time, while protecting your skin with a blend of different oils – sunflower seeds oil, macadamia seed oil, olive oil – to provide hydration to your skin while cleansing.


The other new product will be the ‘Smart Clear Cleansing Gel’ which features Witch Hazel extracts (astringent), aloe vera, chamomile – a cleanser suitable for those with problematic and sensitive skin.


To purchase : 스마트 클리어 딥 클렌징 오일 ( oil ) , 스마트 클리어 올 인원 클렌징 젤 ( gel )


A brand that is quickly rising to popularity is CNP Laboratory which is well-known already for it’s BB Creams and Pore Care products – will be releasing a new cleansing gel called ‘Cleansing Perfecta’ which has already created a buzz due to it’s super cleansing properties.


CNP’s Cleansing Perfecta claims to wipe off even the most water-proof makeup such as BB Creams/Foundations/Sunscreen which normal cleansers have a hard time removing. The cleanser can also be used to remove your eye make-up : waterproof mascara, eye shadow etc.


CNP has chosen a gel form so that it would be suitable for all skin types. Normally, women would have to rely on a cleansing oil to remove all the stubborn make-up, but oil based cleansers would aggravate those with oily acned skin. The cleanser is also suitable for those with sensitive skin as it contains CNP’s patented ingredient – the Anti Irritant Complex- which contains skin soothing ingredients and herbal extracts to moisturize the skin. The cleanser also has natural papaya extracts which exfoliates the skin at the same time.


Looking for a non-oil based cleansing formula to wipe off all the stubborn makeup and sunscreen? Search no more! ( We are probably gonna purchase it since it does sound quite amazing! )


Price : 23,000 won / 150ml

To purchase it, search for 차앤박화장품 클렌징퍼펙타 on Gmarket.



Also released recently is the CNP Laboratory Clean Up make up remover which is a make-up remover for your lips and eyes to clean off your lipstick, water proof mascara, etc.

Contains also the Anti – Irritant Complex and skin friendly ingredients such as allantoin and is fragrance-free, preservatives-free and alcohol-free.

To purchase, look for : 클린업 아이 립 메이크업 리무버 on Gmarket

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