Dior releases yet another BB Cream




Dior has now released ANOTHER BB Cream after the Dior Snow and the Dior Hydra Life BB with the introduction of the DIOR Prestige White Collection Blemish Balm BB Cream


New Dior Prestige White Collection, the complete age defying skincare that combines the exceptional revitalizing performance of Dior Prestige with an exclusive brightening technology. The first skin perfecting brightening age defying protection by Dior. It’s anti UVA/UVB Shield envelops the skin in a tailor made protective veil to ensure exceptional comfort and effectiveness all day long. Enriched with correcting pigments, the Blemish Balm UV Base immediately diminishes dark spots and imperfections. It’s lightly tinted formula enhances the skin’s radiance. The complexion is perfectly even and smooth.



Shade preview :

Dior releases yet another BB Cream



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