Gmarket Haul 39 : Break time!



Hohoho, this came in a tiny box this time. Why did i name this Break Time? Because this will probably be my last Gmarket haul for some time ( due to the lack of recognition of the blog from Gmarket despite having the most number of Gmarket hauls on the blogosphere ) . Summer is up and i will be travelling for 1-2 months, might be moving from Paris, still deciding which Masters program i should take.. Ah, so many choices in life. Anyway just enjoy this last gift from me to you!




1. Chosungah Original Raw One Stop Combination Cream

2. Chosungah Original Raw Perfect Real Skin Fixer

Seller : here


I would recommend this seller because while others are giving you the option of purchasing the Real Skin Fixer at 9,900 instead of the 19,900 wons other sellers are retailing at.

So what is this new cream from Chosungah ? It’s now called Original Raw. While it’s an upgrade from their hot-selling Chosungah Raw Dayshu Day Fixer, i wouldn’t say that about the packaging. So far, there has been 3 upgrades for this cream, but the packaging quality has decreased with each ‘upgrade’. Nonetheless, the Dayshu fixer was in a little controversy lately for some ‘ingredients’ in their formulation – but nothing major – so i guess they wanted to fixed this issue to shut everyone up. So the cream isn’t the glowy pink based cream anymore – it has the BB Capsules – just like the Mizon CC Cream ( I will be doing a review comparing the two soon! Winking smile ). I’ve written about this cream and the ingredients included so search for it on the blog! It has wrinkle fillers, etc. Still not recommended if you have oily skin.

Anyway back to the cream – sales just EXPLODED after it’s release. It has sold 1 jar every 11 seconds and sales has already reached more than 900 million wons!







So next up we have the Original Low Real Skin Fixer. So what is it? It’s basically a mist version of the Chosungah Dayshu Cream. It makes your skin really glam and also contains SPF25+ plus all the skincare ingredients. If you don’t like the cream base, then you can try this out! It’s quite nice and rather hydrating, and same thing, avoid if you have oily skin!

Here’s a sneak peak :





3. Allvit Youth Replenishing Skin & Lotion

Seller : here


My rich friend wanted to get this after she loved the whitening line. This is a whopping 100,000 each, but the seller is selling this at 70,000 wons which is a good deal ! However no samples included due to the cheap price! Allvit has the best packaging ever after the Cosme Decorte AQMW. It’s just so pretty. Anyway this is their prestige line and so we were expecting it to be a super rich line – but to our surprise the line is light and refreshing! Perfect for those looking for a nice light, moist premium anti-aging like. Just like the History Of Whoo’s Hwa Hyun toner – this also contains gold powder which are visible. History Of Whoo’s Hwa Hyun toner is still one of my all time favourite toners.

More of the gorgeous packaging. It has that essence dripping over the bottle feature.








4. Lirikos Marine UV Water Cushion

Seller : here

5. Lavida Sun Solution Cooling Suncream Pact IRF25

Seller : here


I think once you start using BB Cushions and BB Essence Pacts, it’s really hard to go back normal BB Creams. This is the Lirikos version of the BB Cushion in shade 21 and it looks really nice. Contains 30% of the famous Lirikos Marine Hydro Ampoule.



Lavida is fast becoming a favourite amongst my circle of friends. Anyway this sunscreen pact isn’t a powder, it’s actually just a sun cream. REALLY LOVE THIS. I loved their sun cream, and this is just as good. It has that shade that is similar to the Chosungah Dayshu Radiance Cream and gives the coooling sensation later on. It’s super moist too! A winner. The only flaw is it’s price…. it only comes in 15ml. I was expecting a refill to come with this. Such a pity! Not to mention, the packaging is so pretty and attractive.





6. OHUI Hydra Formula Green Capsule Treatment

Seller : here

A friend of mine is loving the Hydra Formula line from OHUI so she wanted to complete her collection. This is the latest ampoule from OHUI which already released an ampoule last year. This is the ‘green caviar’ version of the ampoule! She will be doing a review of this line and comparing it with other stuff so look out for it.





7. Allvit Samples

Seller : here.


A few of us wanted to try the new Allvit and Re:NK stuff so we are dividing the samples! Let me tell you how generous this seller was. She gave sooo much free stuff including a huge packet of the RE:NK Cleansing Oil Tissues, 12 masks, a whole bunch of different allvit samples! It was just superb!


The samples bought in detail :



The samples that were given free :





8. Primera Watery Cream Alpine Berry Limited Edition

Seller : here

This is the limited edition version of the Primera Watery Cream Alpine Berry which is getting very popular thus this special 100ml version to celebrate it’s success. You’d just have to pay an additional 14,900 wons to upgrade this to 100ml version. I’ve written articles on this so go over to the Primera section to read it.


This is the collective haul :




And the free samples i’ve gotten from this haul from the various sellers :




Goodbye Gmarket. Will you be missing our Gmarket Hauls? Haha! Leave a comment below !

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  1. Noo!!! Please don’t stop showing us these great hauls. You are opening up a whole new world to individuals out there. I have been a silent reader for some time and have totally got sucked into the world of Korean skincare. Your blog and hauls provide so much useful info. It is a shame that GMarket don’t take note of the work you are doing to promote their site. You should open your own site in competition! Oh btw good luck deciding about your Masters course

  2. haha i’ll be back with the hauls once the summer holidays are over hopefully ! hahaha yeah that would be my dream selling all my fav products on the site with a very reasonable price !

    Thanks.. decisions in life. sigh sigh ! Hope you have a great summer ahead!

  3. Oh oui !!!!! Ce serait vraiment génial que tu puisses créer ton propre corner de vente avec tes produits fétiches, nous sommes des milliers à te suivre et à te faire confiance, partout dans le monde (et ici en Belgique!!!). Que tes rêves puissent se réaliser un jour, c’est tout ce que je te souhaite… profite bien de tes vacances et revient nous en forme pour de nouvelles découvertes !! Vivement la rentrée

  4. I don’t recall the basic line of Allvit being so expensive, so maybe your friend got the premium line….100,000won for a bottle of toner or lotion is just insanely expensive like Whoo’s Hwa Hyun line or Sulwhasoo’s Extra refining line…..

  5. phew!!! thought you were going to leave. i would totally buy from you if you set up a shop. its hard to find someone who has so much knowledge and can give impartial advice.

    Have a great summer and enjoy yourself

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