Chosungah Raw releases their upgraded Black Jam


Chosungah Raw will finally be upgrading and renewing the only item in the series that hasn’t been touched since it’s release : the Chosungah Raw Black Jam 블랙잼 .


The Chosungah Raw was a huge hit last year, especially the end cream which went through 3 upgrades. Then followed the entire line, and many other products were added to the line. The black jam will finally be upgraded and will come with a new packaging!




Using all natural ingredients, and artificial preservatives free – the black jam uses super-moisturizing Hyaluronic acid, together with 40 other natural black extracts that can keep the skin moisturized even after 48 hours!

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  1. I have just spotted Chosungah in HK upscale Harvey nicols department store. it is funny that they picked up this makeup artist’s brand while their competitor Lane Crawford sells vedivici. Both brands are completely obscure from what i can judge. The SA at Chosungah gave me samples as I was the only customer who know about the brand. The prices are okay, not more expensive than laneige here.

  2. yeah, i found it funny too when i saw it on the HK website. i think the cream goes on sale for about 960 HKD if im not mistaken? that’s really expensive. On gmarket, its about $40.

    Anyway i am so addicted with their Dayshu cream. Give it a try and tell me if u like it too. I’m not sure if HK is selling the old version ( End Cream ) or the upgraded version ( Dayshu)

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