Chosungah Raw releases new celebrity cream


I gotta admit Chosungah releases products so quickly that there are times i get so confused. This time it’s no exception – there’s the new Chosungah 22 and now the Chosungah Raw. Don’t even know what is the difference between these two brands, and to add to the confusion – the new packaging for the new Chosungah Raw products are similar to Chosungah 22.


Anyway back to the topic, i wrote about Chosungah 22 new line a while back, and recently Chosungah Raw has released a new item which is similar to the Mizon CC Cream! This will be replacing the Dayshu Radiance Cream. Introducing the Chosungah Raw One Stop Combination Cream SPF 50 PA+++ 원스탑콤비네이션 크림,


Like the Dayshu Radiance Cream, this is a skin tone correction cream + BB Cream + whitening cream + anti aging cream + sun cream. Contains the patented Myoxynol which is used in Neostrata and Reviva products which is obtained from the seeds of Malaysia’s national flower – the Hibiscus. Similar to botox, it inhibits the movement of facial muscles responsible for the appearance of expression lines on the face. Check out this ingredient in detail : here. Not only that, it contains 8 certified organic moisturizing ingredients, super hyaluronic acid, certified organic floral water, brazil nut seed oil, olive oil, and evening primerose oil.


0 thoughts on “Chosungah Raw releases new celebrity cream”

  1. does it change color like mizon’s? from reviews on naver blogs, looks like it doesnt, it just glowed like dayshu!
    if it really does, then I might just purchase this on my next haul..I dun like mizon’s color changing >.<

  2. hahaha i like the color changing, if not it’s going to be too white on the skin! the mizon one is just nice, the tint is light and also gives a glow

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