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As you all know, i started to be personal shopper on Gmarket, so i have been helping others purchase on Gmarket ! Bought a few stuff myself this time now that the situation is better! Let’s see what’s in this haul this time around!





1. La Roche Posay BB Cream


Seller : here


This is the newly launched La Roche Posay BB Cream. La Roche Posay released a BB Cream last year, but added a new warm shade this year. Texture is very much like the Lancome BB Cream – light! Seller gave some deluxe samples. but we could get those items easily in France. However, the BB Cream is not sold in France or in Europe.






2. HERA UV Mist Cushion


Seller : here


Seller marked up the price recently because he knows that this item is selling out everywhere and most of the sellers on Gmarket are doing the same thing. Thank God I purchased this before he hiked up the price. I have got to say that this is my fav BB Cream of the year. So many compliments when I used this product! Now, curious if the Laneige and IOPE formula will be the same. Ahh, feel like getting all the shades available now. By the way, Shade 23 is actually pretty light so i think Shade 21 will be even lighter.






3. Charmzone Albatross Premium BB Cream


Seller : here

I’ve always sort of admired Charmzone’s CEO principals and views of Cosmetics. The Charmzone Albatross Sunscreen has always been a very popular item, so i recommended their new BB Cream to a client without even hesitating! Unlike the older Charmzone BB Cream, the new premium one has a neutral undertone compared to the old greyish undertone. The seller even gave a HUGE FREE Charmzone Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Tissue which was really heavy and huge! There’s even a free deluxe sample of the Charmzone Albatross Sunscreen and the deluxe sample of the Premium BB Cream as well.





4. LAVIDA Moisture Solution Cream


Seller : here


This is the latest cream from Coreana’s LAVIDA Moisture line. There is also a serum available. Purchased from LIRI PRINCESS, as she is always generous with samples and this time around a big packet of LAVIDA samples as well as two big boxes of cotton pad. The brand has been quite famous as of lately. Has anyone tried LAVIDA items?



5. LAVIDA Vital Recovery UV IR BB Pact


Seller : here


This is LAVIDA’s version of the famous Coreana Vital Recovery BB Pact last year which is the world’s first Infra-red blocking cosmetics. All of the sunscreens focuses on blocking UVA and UVB rays, but many are not aware that the sun also emits infra-red rays that accelerates skin aging. The BB pact is enriched with the Coreana Powercell BB Essence to hydrate the skin.





6. Lirikos Marine Watervolume Sun Balm


Seller : here




This is Lirikos version of the HERA UV Mist Balm which was a favourite of mine. The Lirikos Balm is just as good as the HERA version, or even better as it is lighter and more moist as it is enriched with the Lirikos Marine Hydro Ampoule. It really gives you that flawless look, but like the HERA UV MIST Balm, this is a little too orangey. I wonder if the Shade 21 will be better since both of my Lirikos and HERA Balm are in Shade 23.




7. HERA UV Mist Cushion


Seller : here


This is the Shade 22 UV Mist Cushion which a client wanted to get. It is like a highlighter which you apply below your eyes area, and the forehead. It really brightens up the skin. The glitter isn’t very obvious, but can be rather noticeable sometimes. Totally recommend the HERA UV MIST Cushion to you guys! Perfect for summer use and on par with my favourite BB – the Liz K Color Sun Veil.






Seller : here


This is the latest addition to the Coreana Oriental Medicine Skincare line – the hydrating line. There’s an offer for the moment if you purchase the cream. You get a full size sleeping pack and full size serum of the same line which is a really good offer considering the price of the serum when bought alone. The packaging is also really nice! My client was looking for an affordable oriental hydrating line – so i recommended this since the deal was too good to pass on!





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  1. Me! I already put orders for lavida powercell essence, white serum & cream, n sunblock daily hehe
    I also have the new hanyul optimizing serum on the list n trying out sulwhasoo evenfair makeup haha

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